We vaccinated

We vaccinated
Our eldest daughter is a doctor not only MBBS but also a specialist and highly educated doctor. I have recognized her as my doctor not only because she is my daughter but also because she is an expert and astute doctor. Our daughter registered with us to get vaccinated. Then we received the code number and vaccination sender via SMS.

At the instruction of my daughter, we started searching for the sand given in the message. We got ready for the injection. Railway officers went to Loni Mayo Garden. It was found out that there is a dispensary in the club. When I came here looking for it, I found out that it is a dispensary by name. We were told that there is another dispensary in Mayo Garden with a tube well. When we reached there in the shadow of the mosque, it was desolate. Then some dignitaries here said that they should go to Railway Karen Hospital, maybe there will be a vaccination center there. When he reached there, he met a duty doctor. He expressed ignorance about the existence of any such dispensary, but said that there may be a railway dispensary in Walton. The suggestion to go there was poisonous. Karen Hospital is near Garhi Shahu railway station. From there, a drive to Walton was seen. Made a revolutionary decision in frustration. But before that, let’s talk about the efforts that our daughter made “online” to find a railway dispensary. Searched or entered by Google but found nothing. Attempts were also made to find the “destination” through the official website but to no avail.

There was a window on the same official website saying that if you want to change your vaccination center, you can come here. My daughter and I kept banging our heads against this window, but we did not get a positive answer. This website was completely silent. Then a helpline number was given to him and he kept looking at it. Eventually, without notice, we headed for the largest vaccination center set up by the Punjab government’s health department. Expo Sand. Every town. Arrived there at 10 pm and was raised in a new world. It seemed that the whole of Lahore had come in this direction. Long two-way but three-way queues of vehicles were entering the Expo Sand at the speed of an ant. Halls Nos. 3, 2, and 1 were completely sealed. The entrance to these halls was probably on the other side, where crying patients were kept. Hall No. 4. Only in this hall was the vaccination center established. From a distance, two attitudes, long, very long queues were seen. It seemed that maybe this morning we would have to do it here. Special vehicles carrying people were moving. Such vehicles can be seen at the airport. They were surprised to see them active here.

Then, as we lined up, a well-dressed, well-mannered guard cheered us on, saying, “Don’t worry, you’ll be in the hall in 10/15 minutes.” There were young and old, men and women and boys and girls in the queues. We were afraid that we would be denied the injection because we did not have an official permit to inject at the Expo Center. Well, after a few minutes, when we were allowed to enter the hall, but it was our turn, we saw an amazing scene. There were many counters doing registration work. Young boys and girls were registering and each person was 2/4. Or take the registration form in a maximum of 5 minutes and go to the next hall to get an injection. It was our turn. We handed over our ID card to the young man out of fear and tried to show him the message received on our phone. He said he doesn’t need it. You have come. That’s enough for us. In 4/5 minutes he registered. After completing the form, he handed it over to us. He only asked for our mobile phone number and entered it. All other data was obtained from NADRA with the help of our ID card number.

When we entered the vaccination hall, there were many cabins. In each cabin, vaccinated boys and girls were sitting for injections. Here we did not have to wait our turn. We went to a boy. So far we have given the injection from our daughter’s hands because this injection has also included compassion and love for the daughter’s father so we have never felt pain. For the first time in our lives, we were a little hesitant to inject someone else, but the young man skillfully injected without any pain. After that, on our way out, a woman told us that if you want to get a certificate of vaccination, you can go to the NADRA website and get it. We returned home late at night. As an opinionated citizen, I think that what Dr. Yasmeen Rashid is doing to deal with Corona is to her credit. She is a professional doctor and understands the health sector. Her planning is commendable.

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