Prime Minister’s visit to Saudi Arabia

Prime Minister’s visit to Saudi Arabia
Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa has visited Saudi Arabia and Prime Minister Imran Khan is leaving today (May 7). Over the past two-and-a-half years, Pakistan-Saudi Arabia relations have seen some extremes that have not been found in decades. Prime Minister Imran Khan did not spare any effort to confuse Pakistan’s relations with Saudi Arabia and the Army Chief. The desire to become a mastermind after becoming a politician had left Pakistan isolated. Not only Saudi Arabia but also a friend like China withdrew from a great project like C-Pack when this government came to power when Abdul Razzaq Dawood, trade adviser to the Prime Minister. Had said that the government would review the C-Pack projects. Subsequent events proved that the government had taken the wrong approach on both fronts because when Prime Minister Imran Khan did not approach the IMF for almost a year, blindly trusting Asad Umar’s economic capabilities, Pakistan China’s economy was flattened, then with the efforts of the army chief, China and Saudi Arabia extended a helping hand to Pakistan. At the time, close advisers to the prime minister did not hesitate to distance Pakistan from the two traditional friends, and at one point, according to newspaper reports, Saudi Arabia responded to the presence of a close friend of the prime minister at official meetings. The objection was also raised. This is the background in which Prime Minister Imran Khan is leaving for a visit to Saudi Arabia.

But what about the fact that PTI circles are still not ready to come out of the world of dreams. Just yesterday, a young man asked Crowfer what could be the purpose of the Prime Minister’s visit to Saudi Arabia. Yes, he wanted to say that he was going to perform the last official Umrah, but while restraining himself, he turned to him and asked him to tell him what he thought was going to happen. “I think it’s time for the peace deal between Iran and Saudi Arabia to be fruitful, and now in their presence, the Iranian and Saudi leadership have taken up arms,” ​​he said. She will place it on the table and swear allegiance to Khan Imran Khan. These are the thoughts, approaches and aspirations that are still hidden in the hearts of the youth and they think that our hunger will one day bring color! …. Interestingly, the youth are thinking all this in such an environment When the PTI’s address is getting clearer in every by-election and Imran Khan’s so-called political popularity is shrinking. In Punjabi, it is said that people go from house to house and from outside to abroad.

Such was the case when Prime Minister Imran Khan, along with Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey and Mahathir Mohamad of Malaysia, set out to form a new political bloc. At the time, PTI circles seemed to be at odds with each other over Saudi Arabia’s shortcomings. Coincidentally, at the request of Mr. Imran Khan, PTV used the entire nation to show Ertugrul Ghazi and now Ertugrul Ghazi General Stores have opened in the streets. Thankfully, Kuala Lumpur came and the balloon blew out, otherwise a TV channel would have come into being by now that would have been teaching the entire nation the national languages ​​of Turkey and Malaysia.

In this whole environment, the whole nation was repeatedly told that the government and the military leadership are on the same page, but in two or three years, the fort was opened and before the Prime Minister’s visit to Saudi Arabia, as Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa Arriving there and overseeing all important matters on his own instead of Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, there are many signs for the present.

Living and conscious nations build the walls of the future based on the strengths of the past, tearing down old walls and starting to rebuild them. It is hoped that the visit of the Prime Minister and the Chief of Army Staff to Saudi Arabia will put Pakistan on its path and help reduce Pakistan’s global isolation.

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