Precautions to avoid corona

Precautions to avoid corona
The situation of Corona in Pakistan is disturbing. According to the official announcement, 840,000 cases have been reported so far, while about 18,000 people have died due to the epidemic. Currently, 90% of the total oxygen production in the country is used. The growing number of Corona cases will not stop the appeals for implementation of traditional methods and SOPs. Now there is the sound of a new lockdown, which could create more problems for the poor people and the economy. This is the second Ramadan in which we can neither meet our friends, have an Iftar party nor You can go out of the house with confidence for worship. On the one hand, there is fatigue from restrictions, on the other hand, the pace of vaccination is a bit slow. About 110 million people in Pakistan need vaccines. At present, Pakistan is totally dependent on Chinese vaccines. Now a consignment of raw materials has also arrived, which will be packaged in Pakistan. Pfizer-BioNTech is currently the most wanted vaccine but there is no sign of it in the Pakistani market. It has been heard that an agreement has been reached with the United States for one million vaccines, but it is yet to be confirmed by the government. The second big issue is money. Pakistan is still receiving free vaccines. In the very early stages of the disease, it became clear that we need not only vaccines to fight the epidemic, but also to make it accessible to everyone. Will

If this does not happen, the virus will spread through the movement of people and mutations will continue in the virus. To avoid this, the concept of COVAX was introduced by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Union. The program brings together governments, global health organizations, civil society and philanthropists to diagnose, treat and vaccinate Covid for free or at low rates. Pakistan is expected to become one of the top five recipients of the vaccine with 1.5 million doses. Allowing a private sector company to import vaccines into Pakistan was a reasonable move. Under this scheme, 50,000 doses of Russian Sputnik vaccine were imported. According to a Bloomberg report, in view of the vaccination campaign in Pakistan, it may take a decade for 70% of the population to be vaccinated at the current rate. If we ban private imports of vaccines, the possibility of additional public vaccinations will be reduced and the process will worsen the situation and Pakistanis will not be allowed to travel abroad. Similarly, the government will have to adopt a comprehensive strategy regarding lockdown in the country.

Don’t let the poor people starve to death. Similarly, front line health workers should be encouraged and given special allowances so that they can serve the people with more enthusiasm. Eid is just a few days away and everyone is eagerly waiting to see when it will be out. We will go out and meet our loved ones and relatives, but remember that we people have to take precautions. Who would not like to offer Eid prayers and get Eid, but it is said that even a minor illness is better than cure, but in Corona there is no chance to ignore the precautionary measures. The next thing is to avoid buying new clothes this time if you can and help someone with the money you have to spend on clothes so that they can celebrate Eid with you.

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