How will the problems of the people be solved?

How will the problems of the people be solved?
Everyone thinks with his mind, makes decisions with his intellect, but he cannot live without being influenced by the environment around him, says a lone two-eleven. Collective environments and collective lives not only save us from difficult environments, but also make us friends. Whether we are related or not, whether we are blood relatives or not, simple life has become a spectacle that the whole world can see, caught up in endless confusions, all the limits for our selfishness, self-interest. Cross, neither the fear of God nor the fear of the world, just the pride of power, use more of the mind to subdue others, take action on what is heard without research, which the whole world can see. ۔ Modern science and modern necessities have entangled us human beings in such a trap that only the game of power and strength is seen. Such indifference, carelessness, lack of knowledge, pretense is leading us to the heights of ignorance and We live in ignorance, but how long will this ignorance last? Where do the loved ones go without whom it is difficult to live, we have to change our thinking. This world has been created by Allah as a test for man. He created man for the good of the noble creatures. He had many angels for his own worship. He must follow the commands of Allah. Worship is the best duty.

Don’t know how long we will continue to be the victims of conspiracies, will we leave our future generations to the seas of destruction, ignorance, have we not learned anything even after so much destruction? Big corruption cases were exposed, stories were told with great fanfare, TV channels pulled out hair. The mouths of those who listened to the corruption of crores and billions were left open, then what happens is what happened, the story was blurred, the servants left the country and went to other countries with honor and left their examples for those who followed Gone, there is a case that is going on, ordinary citizens are looking the same, neither the education system has improved, nor health, nor drinking water, the same old problems remain, but the faces have changed. Crimes of big people, stories of fraud, stories of money laundering fraud, dates in courts, appearances with VIP protocol, people take to the streets every day. Let the people unite and beware of the old crooks who use the people for their own benefit. Protest within the law and do not be fooled by the returnees. Demand that the scope of accountability The scope of punishment should be the same for all.

There are also many problems due to lack of education in the country. How can humanity be the same if the attainment of education and the quality of education are different from place to place? But government officials need to create better conditions for the people. Politics in our country has changed everything. There are 70/80 parties in the country, even at the provincial level, cities and towns have their own political parties and groups. Surprisingly, 15/20 of these parties do not have a single opinion, make political and personal accusations against each other and try to run the people according to their own will, as if someone of words, deeds and character. No matter what the heart wants to say. Now the people should regret whose words. There are so many personal problems. It is a sign of the helplessness of the people that dirt, filth, mountains of inflation, bullying, murder are all being tolerated.

Illegal encroachments, illegal parking and the biggest misfortune is to make people numb. This is oppression and abuse on the people, it is tantamount to depriving them of their rights, but they are silent as to why the government people, the local bodies should do this. It is their source of income, if life is the name of living somewhere, then what is the use of life. There is no doubt that the devil and the angels are always around us, just what to do when the understanding is gone, the ability to recognize is dead, every sector has been turned into a key, where will justice come from? Where will it come from The law is blind. Put things on the wheels of money and then watch the spectacle, it is not that there are no rare diamonds in the country, but this is the country whose soil is also gold. In a province like Balochistan, there are mines of gold, diamonds and jewels, there is a blessing like Sui Gas, a beautiful place like Ziarat, which is rich in beauty, but unfortunately, this province is also suffering from deprivation. It is not difficult to guess where such a great country and such a hardworking people, a good and sincere leadership can take this country from, but also the fact that the country is a nuclear power, it is not a trivial matter, but God Make this country bright and radiant for the sake of Allah, do not make it a ruin. With different slogans, different political parties are trying to strengthen themselves to somehow gain power, let there be peace and order in the country till the elections, when the elections come, show your strength, now the country Peace and order are needed, the people are suffering from many problems.

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