How did Pakistan become a normal state?

How did Pakistan become a normal state?
Voices have come from as high as the Himalayan peak that Pakistan should become a normal state. The world is afraid of us and we are afraid of the world. Anyone who doubts it should look at the latest EU resolution which has been passed by such an overwhelming majority that it can be called an almost unanimous EU resolution. Thankfully, after seeing so much laughter, the idea has come to our minds that this unfortunate country should also become a normal state.

There is little to commend this desire, but the immediate question arises, what are the requirements of this good wish? Currently, they are limited to three requirements. In Darwish’s view, the first requirement for the normalization of this kingdom is the removal of various restrictions on freedom of expression. It is generally believed that all restrictions on the most basic human right, such as freedom of thought and freedom of expression, are imposed by the “big government”. In analyzing the facts, we should not ignore the fact that in any society, when a force of oppression prevails, then small pockets or organizations believing in the same ideology of oppression also take over the streets in the form of mafia. Groups begin to emerge, then take out parts on the same mentality. Despite all the arguments in favor of freedom of thought or freedom of expression, it is clear that the writer or speaker should have a kind of censorship within himself as to what to say when and in what words, what cultural values ​​or national There are priorities to keep in mind, how to weigh it before writing or speaking, not to use verbal violence, never forget that my speech or writing will not hurt anyone. The aim is not to connect humanity with truth and fact writing. No cultural requirement should be ignored.

Readers and listeners must also have the courage to acknowledge the right of others to express their views in accordance with their level of consciousness, and the flourishing of such thinking will open the door to freedom of expression if one understands this. It is unthinkable that society can change or our state can become normal without freedom of expression and freedom of thought.

Another urgent need to make Pakistan a normal state is the refinement of the curriculum, the subject of which should focus on it. If you are teaching Urdu language, then teach Urdu language. What is the justification for finding ideas from it and putting ideas and beliefs in it? Arabic is a pure Qur’anic language about which there is a lot of emphasis, modern Arab mind. He has rebelled against this too. Just read modern Arab thinkers like Dr. Taha Hussain and see how they have tried to enrich their language with various cultural and scientific sciences. If not today then tomorrow you will finally have your religious madrassas in the national mainstream. I have to bring it, but before that we have to reform the national mainstream. There will be no scope for a period of physics or political science and lectures on Islamic studies. Listen to the cry of Professor Peter Jacob who is an ideological council. The former chairman of the party was crying over how long the coercive ideology will continue to be imposed on our children. The problem is not only of the minorities. The majority approach of the Pakistani people is liberal. They must breathe a sigh of relief Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Its first step is education free of prejudices given to the newborns of the nation in accordance with modern requirements, which includes the study of all sciences on high cultural and linguistic foundations.

The third requirement to move the country forward on a normal basis is to end hostility towards India. The Indian people and governments are the same as our peoples and governments in terms of strengths, weaknesses and in all other respects. The cycle of spreading hatred on both sides in the region must end now. If not, time and circumstances will eventually force both. Let’s get out of this cycle of unwarranted artificial enmity and hatred. Simply put, the way you have made India enmity the axis of your foreign policy so far until you completely eradicate it is a normal state of Pakistan. It will not be able to develop by becoming, this train will remain stuck where it is stuck.

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