Corona: You’re gone

Corona: You’re gone
Monday was the day before the arrival of Ramadan. When I woke up as usual, I felt pain in my body. There was no doubt just because I had been vaccinated a few weeks ago and the antibody (resistance to corona) report. She left the office three hours late and continued to work as usual. The pain in her body subsided to a great extent but she felt tired. She started fasting. When the medical staff came to the office for corona tests, she thought that even if someone No chance, but what’s wrong with giving a sample, so I took the test. After performing Taraweeh prayers in the office on Friday night, he came to his room. Just as he was checking his mobile phone, the director of League Channel 24 News, Mian Tahir, rushed to the door and told me that my Corona test was positive. In any case, it was not appropriate to stay in the office any longer. When I left the office, I was advised to take a test from a private lab which is considered to be authentic. So I went straight to this laboratory located on Jail Road. And there he gave a sample. He came home and went upstairs and locked himself in a room. The next morning when the report of this laboratory came, the fear was confirmed. I didn’t have many symptoms, but I still thought it necessary. The family members should be tested. When the test was done, the report of another person in the house came positive. Like me, my son did not have many symptoms. He started using the medicine on the instructions of the doctors. He also had a CT scan of the family.

My wife’s report indicated a minor defect. Without further ado, I contacted the doctor online. He prescribed a few injections with the medication. This treatment also started that evening. They were moving towards getting rid of the disease with full treatment, complete precaution and good diet. Seeing that everyone’s condition was better, they contacted the laboratory staff to come home the next day and take samples. That night my wife suddenly complained that she was feeling suffocated. Both the AC and the fan were on in the room. When I was worried, I used an oximeter (a device that measures the amount of oxygen in the body). Medical experts call it an alarm bell. So there was no time to wait. The wife was taken to a well-known private hospital on Garden Town, Ferozepur Road. Doctors kept her in the emergency ward for a few hours and then in Corona ward. The hospital had a very good reputation for the treatment of Corona. My sister-in-law and one of them were also treated by the League from here and recovered. My wife started treatment in a mixed state of anxiety and consolation. ۔ In the first two days, the desired results were not obtained. The pathologist prescribed an injection which was quite expensive but was also absent from the market. The office did not spare a single moment in these incidents and difficulties that befell me, including my family. Free

When I called my friends and the owners of various pharmacies in search of the injection, I found out that the required injection was not available. The doctors were urging the immediate use of the same injection. He started his personal efforts as soon as he got the information. His hard work paid off after a few hours and I was told that the required injection has been arranged. My heart was pounding when one of my office A colleague knocked on the door of our room in the hospital and handed me the vaccine. I immediately informed the doctors. The injection is given in two parts with an interval of one day. Then the response is after 48 hours. After the first dose of injection and the use of all other medicines, the wife’s condition did not show any signs of improvement. A junior doctor said with a worried face that if the situation remained like this, the patient would have to be shifted to ICU. It was a very painful night. The meter screen in front of me was randomizing the heartbeat by highlighting the increasing and decreasing amount of oxygen in the body. Then, in the last part of the night, the effects of the acceptance of the prayers began to be seen. The next morning, after the examination, the doctors gave the good news that they should prepare to go home in a day or two. My wife has come home with oxygen support and she is undergoing treatment and we are all taking care of her family.

Even the Supreme Court judges were stunned when the NCOC said that Rs 2.5 million had been spent per patient. No. Even last year when people were dying in government hospitals. The data prepared by the government was telling something else. The fact of the matter is that even now, if any government or private organization is doing any work, a few It is an act of individuals which is due to the service of the people and the fear of God. The government has nothing to do with it. This is something that you and I all know. It’s like the usual day – so make a commitment today to do what you have to do. Readers are requested not to take crying seriously. Take all precautionary measures. Keep interaction low. Visit patients on the phone. If you have to go yourself, take all precautionary measures as soon as possible Come back and remember that vaccination is not a guarantee but it is important to get it because it builds up immunity in the body.

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