Corona treatment, precautions and vaccines

Corona treatment, precautions and vaccines
A recent study has found that the third wave of corona virus in Pakistan is 98% British, while the remaining 2% migrated from South Africa. According to experts, this type is carrying out very severe attacks because children are safe from the third wave No, and the death toll is alarmingly high. Last week, more than 600 deaths were recorded across the country, with a conservative estimate of more than 100 deaths and more than 1,000 patients a day. The situation is worse, with oxygen and ventilators often lacking beds in hospitals, the situation is getting worse not only in Pakistan but all over the world, the pace of vaccination in developed countries is very fast but its Despite the worsening situation, the situation is out of control in the United States, Britain, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, France, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, millions of deaths and millions are affected, rich people from India flee the country. In this situation, the economies of countries around the world are affected, especially those suffering from hunger on a daily basis. ر ہیں۔

The rate of rapid spread of Corona in Pakistan is also alarming and to curb it the number of Eid holidays has been increased and strict lockdown has been implemented in these days, to implement the ongoing SOPs regarding lockdown. Army assistance has also been sought for, but despite this the citizens are careless and deliberately reluctant to implement SOPs, the experiences of last Eid are before us while the first wave of Corona was and was not so dangerous, then As a result of carelessness on the part of the citizens, the virus became uncontrollable after Eid, hospitals were filled with patients, the number of deaths was alarming, yet carelessness is on the rise on this Eid, in the bazaars. People have come, masks are not even worn, shopkeepers have also blown up SOPs, there is no concept of social distance, people are getting lost, people have to take every precaution to get ahead of each other. Ignored, even the government officials and the police seem helpless, it is incomprehensible to get new clothes and shoes for Eid at the cost of one’s own life Well, no one thinks that as a result of this carelessness one can mourn in one’s own house or in the house of another.

According to scientists, changes in the RNA virus are not surprising, the only solution to avoid it is precaution, about the difference between the corona virus found in India and Pakistan, they say that the virus coming to India is a double mutant. The reason has become more dangerous, it has now become an Indian variant but the British variant has not changed in Pakistan yet. Experts say that so far vaccines made all over the world do not provide 100% protection against corona, they only protect up to 70%, but in the current situation, this vaccine seems to be the only effective solution.

The official status of the vaccine is satisfactory, but there is still propaganda against the vaccine and people are reluctant to get it, even though precautionary measures and good arrangements have been made in the vaccination centers for those who have registered. The majority of them are being provided this facility in a good environment while now people over the age of 40 are being vaccinated on the walk. On the other hand, local experts said that during the third wave of epidemic diseases in Punjab, Pakistan, COVID-19 UK Mutations in the virus have been confirmed, which is more dangerous, and it is imperative to take precautionary measures to prevent it, the report said, adding that the departments of virology and molecular genetics have been conducting various tests to test the samples. Finally, 62 random samples were collected, and the study concluded that 60 (97) of the 62 samples were of different British lineage B.1.17 and two samples were relatively B.1.35 different parts of South Africa through a genomic study. Found The study also concluded that the absence of Wuhan, the initial center of the virus, showed that the virus had completely transformed itself from its original form.

Experts expressed concern over the rapidly rising cases of the third wave of COVID-19 in Pakistan and the dominance of the UK’s variable virus, with the third wave seeing a sharp rise in cases over the past three months Also known for its style, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has included variables from the UK and South Africa on its list that are being closely monitored globally because of their rapid spread. Research so far has concluded that antibodies currently developed by authorized vaccines are effective against these variants, given the rapidly changing nature of the virus, It supports the need for effective lockdowns to reduce the prevalence of public gatherings and increase personal hygiene, yet the Pakistani nation is showing restlessness and has lost the precaution. Which is tantamount to welcoming death with open arms.

In Ramadan, the Muslims did not follow the SOPs in prayers and Taraweeh, while the holiest places, Haram Sharif and Masjid-e-Nabawi, were also observed in this regard. In the case of

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