Make money writing on the internet: some important tips

Making money by being a writer is possible. It’s not just about writing books that become a bestseller or writing novels and publishing to a listener. Even if you are not a writing expert, it is possible to make writing your living. Writing for the web is one of the most popular ways today.

What are the best ways to make money writing on the internet?

There are many possibilities for making money writing on the web.

Earn money as web copywriters
The web editor is not necessarily read, its service ends when the text is delivered and it is up to the customer to ensure that it is published. Often the job of a web editor is to get a site to rank very well on search engines.

SEO agencies as well as large sites always use web copywriters to meet Google’s criteria. Indeed, to please the latter, sites must always be fed content and keywords to meet the complexity of Google’s algorithm.

It happens that Internet users do not even read the writings of web editors, because the texts ordered from them are only used to highlight the products or services offered by the site concerned. A web editor only writes content to meet criteria, not to be read. To become one:

You must have knowledge of natural referencing or SEO
You must also be able to synthesize the many information that you will find on the web.
But above all you must be able to write without spelling mistakes and have good syntax.
There are currently many platforms that offer you to write for others. They make sure to find clients and you write for them.

Use Amazon to edit your Kindle book

Don’t be surprised! Amazon sells books published by publishers, but to do the same, you don’t have to go to a publishing house.

By choosing this method, you are forced to know the topics that have the wind in their sails on the Net. The best way to do this is to write about a subject that you know very well and that you are passionate about. Your credibility mainly depends on the latter. Readers will feel your passion through your writing.

If only one person is affected by your book, they can leave a positive comment. By getting positive reviews, Amazon will rank your book in the top results.

The great thing about a Kindle book is that you only have to write it once, but once it’s enjoyed, you generate passive income for life. However, with Amazon’s very low cost and fees, you have to sell several.
What should you do to earn money writing on the internet?
Writing on the web can not be improvised, you must first of all know the existing market there is and also know all the cogs to be able to generate money quickly. Knowing how to write and loving to write is not enough, you have to comply with the internet requirement.


You must meet the requirements of each website
Writing for the web follows general rules, however, each website has their own method and wants you to respond to their target. By having this adaptability, you can easily earn money on the web. To make money on the web, you need to be able to:

  • To write short, but concise texts
  • To attract your readers from the introduction
  • To categorize your texts by paragraphs.

Whatever type of work you choose when writing on the web, these are often the general rules. Whether you are a web copywriter or a social media host, you should always adhere to these disciplines. Moreover, the site that employed you may also have other criteria to add to your writing. Indeed, writing for a blog, doing a comparator or writing reviews does not have the same aspects.

Earn money by writing freelance or in company

The work of writing on the web is relatively new. Since then, the digitalization of companies has become a rapidly expanding profession. You have the choice between working as a freelance and working in a company.

In a business you can have their content copywritten. Some of them do not master social networks or blogs, so they are forced to call on professionals. You can also be the go-between between the company and the press by writing press releases. You can also create advertising content.
As a freelancer, the possibility is very wide, you can be a community manager who animates and creates content for social networks. You can also become web editors who take special orders for content from multiple websites. You can also be a keen blogger who brings traffic to your customers’ site or just the person who answers questions from the company’s customers.

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