How to earn 1000 euros per month?

With the current economic reality, many people are looking for alternative sources of income to be able to live easily. In some cases it can be an income supplement and if it goes well it can lead to financial independence. This article is a way to give you a reflection on what you have like know-how to exploit to earn at least 1000 euros per month.

Earn 1000 euros per month with the internet

Since the digital revolution, the work you can do on the web has grown a lot. With the necessary know-how and the right addresses, you can easily earn this amount in a month. If you also want to make some pocket money on the internet, also think about profitable sites like Moolineo , loonea or Swagbucks

Draw logos
It is a job that requires special talent and a good command of certain designer software. However, if you have both of these requirements, it is easy to earn over $ 100 with this job. Perhaps the hardest part is finding the first customer. But once you gain brand awareness, customers will come to you easily. On the other hand, you have to ensure the quality of your work, because the competition is tough. Some web entrepreneurs spend a lot of money on computer graphics. If you find a niche in this area, you are guaranteed to have your monthly 1000 dollars. If you don’t want to waste time prospecting, platforms offer a good alternative even if the prices are not fair.


Become a WordPress developer
Every day, several thousand websites are created in the world, it is a booming market if you master WordPress and also you master certain computer languages. It is a complicated job, but very easy if you have the necessary skills. The missions of a WordPress developer vary between 10 euros and 200 euros. The work performed may vary from client to client. It could be a change of theme of a blog, modification of a design, addition of plug-ins or updating of elements. The market for a WordPress developer still has great potential if you are a French speaker.


Write and proofread on the web
With the development of websites, the web still needs quality content in large numbers. If you are good at spelling, you can become a web editor or proofreader whichever you prefer. As a proofreader, you can proofread press releases; of ebook or blog posts. And as a writer, you can write blog content, write product sheets or do a comparison. If you manage to have a large volume of missions, it is a great source of income and you can even have more than 1000 euros. For correction, the price varies between 10 to 60 euros per hour depending on your ability and for writing, the price is often calculated by the number of words. Some charge more and others less.

Be a community manager
It is not a simple job, because you have to have a lot of imagination to become it. Indeed, a CM must be able to create an interaction on social networks by posting impactful publications, responding to comments and questions from the community. It’s a job that requires great patience and unfailing diplomacy. To become one, you must understand how the social network you are going to take care of works. If you are a fan of social networks and you know them inside out, with a few missions per month, you can easily earn 1000 euros.

Earn 1000 euros per month using your skills

This second option can be done face to face or on the internet depending on your preference. But whether you are on the move or staying at home on your couch, it is possible to make money doing them.

Make video postproductions
Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to do a big movie study before you can do video editing or photo editing. It is a skill that one can have naturally if you are self-taught. The most important thing in this job is to master the software that is consistent with this job. Depending on the difficulty of the mission, you can do between 10 to 100 missions per month to get 1000 euros. If you are a pro, it can even allow you to charge your services even more expensive.

Conduct market research
In order to grow, every business needs information to know a market or a market segment. It is a job that you can do online or locally depending on the client’s requirement or the way you work. They need to gather as much information as possible and to structure it to facilitate their decision-making or a launch campaign. However, large entities do not have the necessary staff to do this kind of task, so they can call on a service provider or a Freelancer like you. A small mission can cost 30 euros, but if you are given a bigger market share, the price can go up to 500 euros per mission.

Become a professional consultant
If you have specific knowledge in an area, companies always need good advice on how to improve their strategies or change direction. You have the choice between doing the work in their offices and getting it done from home. However, to claim to be a consultant, you must have certain qualities such as a spirit of synthesis and objectivity. You should also be a good teacher and be very passionate about your work. The important thing is to find, in which area you are most useful to your clients and how you will optimize your skills. You can gain notoriety with word of mouth if your advice leads to better results.




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