How to earn money as a student

09Students do not seem to have enough free time to be able to carry out a gainful activity. It is to know that there are small, flexible jobs, with which the students can adapt their schedule. They will allow you to make money without neglecting your studies. Apart from the trades or tips below, also think that it is possible to make a few euros without moving from home via the net with sites like Moolinéo , loonéa , Swagbucks or by paid surveys as experience is at you and Isay . But also earn money by shopping with cashback by registering on Ebuyclub or register on online banking to earn 80 euros in a row like on HelloBank

1- Sell online anything that is no longer useful to me
The easiest way to make money, especially as a student, is to get rid of anything that is no longer useful to you. Several platforms are now available on the web, making it possible to quickly sell all types of products. For example, I can sell my clothes that I no longer wear. Not only would I avoid waste, but I would also make room in my closet to put in the new clothes that I would buy with the money earned. I could also sell my old devices, such as smartphones, tablets.

2- Rent my apartment in cohabitation
Having an apartment, I can offer it in cohabitation with other students. This way, I would no longer live alone, but I would also earn money every month. But I must carefully work out the rental conditions to avoid any misunderstandings with future tenants mess. I should search the internet to find cohabitation contract templates and use the one that best suits my terms.

3- Earn money by studying with a scholarship
The best way to make money while studying is to get a scholarship or grant. Indeed, at the end of the cycle, it is possible that there are new grant possibilities. To do this, you need to research online to find financing offers. Information should also be obtained through the campus notice boards.


4- Perform household chores
I can use my free time by doing part-time jobs, such as housework. Sites are available on the internet, allowing you to find the odd job that suits everyone. Among these activities, the most accessible are:


1- Babysitting

Comfortable with children and available in the evening, this type of activity is for me. Since I get along well with the children, I wouldn’t even feel like I was working. It will be an easy way for me to make money.

2- Dog sitting

It happens that individuals go on a trip without being able to take their dogs. They then call on people to look after their pet during their absence. As I have enough space in my apartment, I can accommodate the big dogs, whose care can save me more.

3- Earn money by cleaning

As I have enough free time, I can offer to do the housework for individuals. To do this, I must register on sites that serve as an intermediary between applicants and recruiters. By doing a few cleanings a day, I could save enough money.

4- Walk the dog

This type of activity is for those who love animals, especially man’s best friend. For owners, walking their dogs is necessary but they don’t have the time to do so. So they often hand over the task to other people in exchange for remuneration.

5- Gardening

As I am passionate about gardening, I have the opportunity to make a living from my passion while earning money in my spare time. Individuals need my services to maintain their gardens.

5- Become models for clothing brands
For this type of activity, I will always work in the company of a great photographer. So, as I like to have my picture taken, this job will suit me, especially since I am photogenic. Indeed, new brands are appearing everywhere, and they need young people to exhibit and highlight their products, with the know-how of a great photographer. To do this, I have to register with the modeling agencies. All the same, I must specify that I am a student, and that I am not available full time.


6- Work as an extra
Have you ever dreamed of appearing in a movie? Know that you can make your dream come true, while still focusing on your studies. Passionate about film, I did the same. I registered on the related sites, which perform castings for short or feature films. Agencies will contact me whenever a suitable role is available for me. Depending on the role, I can earn considerable compensation.

7- Earn money through a blog or a Youtube channel
A priori, a blog is simply used to have fun and freely express your point of view on subjects that are important to you. You can be well paid if you do it right. The way I got it was that I kind of have a lot of people following me. Then I could use my influence to promote a product of a certain brand. This brand will then take care of remunerating me in return.

Similarly you can earn money with a youtube channel Some live off others make a small additional income

8-Continue my work-study
Unlike odd jobs, taking a work-study program allows me to study while working in a company. Generally, the activity that I will carry out there will be related to my studies. Thus, I would strengthen my skills while being paid. The salary is lower than the minimum wage, but as a student it’s worth the cost.


9-Give private lessons
As I shone during my previous studies, I use my skills and knowledge to make money. To do this, I can give lessons to middle school or high school students. That way, I would be paid while also doing service to other young students. To do this, I have to check with the teachers. If I have any doubts, I can seek advice from my teachers on all the procedures necessary to become a part-time lecturer.


10-Work my passion on the internet
It is now possible to share your passion on the web thanks to various platforms such as YouTube. After publishing my product, I will still have to make my business profitable. For this, I have to use paid links and sponsored articles to promote my products. The more people view my products, the more I will be paid by the site.


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