Earn pocket money by working part-time in the service sector

Work in a restaurant

Even though most restaurants require their employees to be over the age of 16, some still hire 14 or 15 year olds to do the dishes, run errands or serve customers. However, you will need to present a written parental consent. In addition, these types of work are mainly carried out during school holidays. By working in restaurants, you will gain experience and receive part of the tips. Be aware, however, that this kind of work requires good physical condition, as you will have to remain standing most of the time. For your safety and to ensure your work properly, educate yourself on the requirements and risks of the trade before you start.

Apply in entertainment venues

Cinemas, swimming pools, amusement parks or even youth hostels are places that often receive applications from teenagers. You will be able to apply to fill the available positions. Although these types of work do not require experience, you will still need to take qualifying training. By exercising the seasonal positions, you will not only meet people, gain new experiences, but it would be an opportunity to live exciting experiences. And of course, it’s an effective way to make some money.

Help the grocers
Many grocery stores hire teenagers to tidy up items, do some packaging, or help customers find what they need. Although this is an activity that often does not pay well, some grocers are ready to give a satisfactory salary if you are punctual and reliable. It is also an opportunity to work with other teens your age. To do this kind of job, ask the grocers in your town if they need help. Otherwise, it is important that you are able to stand for hours. And then, we must be vigilant. To save a lot of money, pick grocers near your house so you can walk to it. In case you need to travel by car,

Become a host or hostess
Another sector that often hires teenagers is the hospitality sector. This could be physical or telephone reception within a company, during trade fairs or even during professional conferences. In addition, there are agencies that recruit teenagers who want to work part time. So, the important thing is to have an excellent presentation, a good speech, a sense of welcome and a mastery of a foreign language.

Work as a courier
If you have a bicycle or scooter, it would be great to work for a company or restaurant as a courier. For example, you can deliver meals or send letters to the addresses indicated. Namely that it is however rare to exercise this function as an employee. You will therefore have to work with an independent status or as a self-employed person. Thus, favor reputable companies that accept that you work just during the weekend or during the holidays.

Promote a product
Another way to earn pocket money would be to promote a product. It could be in a supermarket, on a stand or in the streets. So you will distribute flyers, show how to use any product or advertise. This type of profession is practiced especially at the end of the week, that is, on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. To promote a product, you will also need to have a good presentation, be communicative and smile.

Using the internet to earn pocket money

Respond to online surveys
Many companies offer Internet users to answer surveys so that they can improve their services, their offers or the quality of their products. Thus, you will be able to register on paid survey sites and answer the questions asked. Note that this activity does not require any travel. Just log in and spend some time earning some pocket money. To get started, look for a reliable site that is free to register. Although it is not a very lucrative business, you will be able to earn around 6 or 7 € per hour. Otherwise, you can also participate in paid market research. But in this case, you will have to travel in order to earn between 45 to 130 € per hour.

Sell ​​photos
If you have a good camera and you like to take original images, you can sell them online.Be careful, only beautiful photos will be taken into account, that’s why you not only need good equipment but also mastery photo editing with good software . Not only are you going to make some extra money, but it is also a way to develop your photography skills. Indeed, there are many agencies on the internet that receive the beautiful pictures. You can go to small agencies at the start. And when you think you’ve gained a lot more experience, submit the images to sites like Dreamstime, iStock or Shutterstock.

Start your own YouTube channel

Many teens have managed to make money by starting their own YouTube channels. Just upload videos to free services and make sure you have multiple subscribers. For this you will need to post videos that grab people’s attention. Even if there are several competitors, know that you will always be lucky to market your channel, because remember that most YouTube celebrities started when they were teenagers. You can choose an area that fascinates you such as fashion or video games. To get started, use your computer’s webcam and when your channel gets a lot more notoriety,


There you go, we hope this article has been able to help you find ways to earn pocket money. If you have to interview, remember to treat your presentation, because it’s always the first impression that counts. Also know how to be responsible and motivated so that the person talking to you takes you seriously. When choosing odd jobs, focus on something that you are passionate about so that you can feel comfortable and gain a lot more experience. So you can develop it a bit later.

Otherwise, don’t post your ads if you don’t know the regulations. Please note that it is forbidden to post advertisements on electric poles. Likewise, you won’t have to slip them into your neighbors’ mailboxes. It is even better to speak directly about your services to those around you so that they can recommend you to other people. And in case you use online services like PayPal, watch your account carefully, as you may be charged a percentage.

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