How to earn pocket money as a teenager

When you’re a teenager, it’s not always easy to make money. And yet, it is especially around the age of 15, 16, 17 that small personal needs increase and that we most want to have a good time at a restaurant or a movie with friends. If you are a teenager who is growing up in a large family or if you just want to relieve your parents and take care of your small expenses, in this article we have put together all the ideas that allow you to earn pocket money.

Trying odd jobs to earn pocket money

Do the garden work of others
Most people like to see their garden well maintained. And yet they don’t always have time to take care of it and decide to pay someone else to do it. If your neighbor’s garden looks a bit neglected, offer your service. You can mow lawns, cut hedges and even collect leaves. There are many who are willing to pay someone to have a well-tended garden. Otherwise, you can also ask your family or friends if they need help. You can sweep the interior courtyards or walkways. Besides, you can do this activity on your own or ask a friend for help and split the money.

Suggest that an elderly person do their shopping

This is also an activity that will only ask for your availability. For health reasons or due to mobility problems, many people are not able to do their own shopping. So you can do them for them. If you know an older person in your neighborhood, make it clear that you need to make some extra money and that you can do them a favor. This is a straightforward way of letting him know that what you are going to do for him will not be a simple favor. If your grandparents organize small evenings with friends, for example, ask them to introduce you to their friends and take the opportunity to offer your service.

  • To babysit

It is also a very easy way to earn money. Be careful, babysitting requires a great deal of responsibility, hence the need to know how to take care of them. In the first place, you will have to love children, have patience and above all be available. Start this activity first by babysitting your friends or family members. And to reassure the person you work for, you can arrange to get your first aid certificate. To do so, attend free classes in community centers, Red Cross centers or hospitals. And if this is your first time babysitting, you can ask parents to help you learn to trust you.

Walk your neighbors’ dogs

Everyone who has dogs enjoys spending time taking them for a walk. And yet, they don’t always have time to do it. Wanting to ensure the well-being of their dog, a lot of people are willing to pay other people to walk their dogs. If you love dogs and have enough energy to go for a walk, turn your passion into a source of pocket money. Moreover, there are mobile applications like DogBuddy or Doggywalk that can put you in touch with dog owners.

  • Give private lessons

If you are good at math, physics, English, or some other subject, you can teach private lessons. Target other students in the lower grade. First, fill in the rules for paid toturates in your school. Otherwise, it is possible to register on specialized sites such as PoxiProf or Smart Pap. Most of the time, high school graduation is required to register for most of these sites. And yet, some are still flexible and give you the opportunity to find other students interested in your service. If you know how to play a particular instrument, for example, or if you are good at sports, you can also earn pocket money by supervising children.


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