How to become a stock market annuitant from scratch?

A stock market annuitant is a person who has invested in the placement of stocks. As the money in the stock market does not sleep, the earnings received are called annuities and have the capacity to meet all daily needs without having to have another source of income. I also advise you to seek professional advice on investing in the stock market. As this is a risky investment, you can either win or lose.

There is no quick fix for success. It all lies in will and anticipation. However, just because you are a simple employee does not mean that you cannot become an annuitant later. Yes, being a pensioner is accessible to everyone on the condition of wanting it and the wage earner can contribute. To do this, try to make small sacrifices by saving a few tens of euros per month.

I advise you to gradually set aside a small sum each month until you obtain a few hundred euros and this in order to place them on the stock market.

For this kind of investment, it is not recommended to borrow money from the bank. As I explained above, there are several ways of investing and the stock market remains a profitable and sustainable one. It is certain that the investment is interesting and that the return can grow over the years. However, the financial market requires caution. To do this, here are some steps to follow for a successful investment in the stock market.


Define the capital to invest in order to become annuitant
This first step consists in defining the capital to invest for the choice of your investment. Indeed, the amount of capital invested will determine the profitability of your investment. Several factors notably influence the choice of your investment such as age, financial situation, values ​​and more.


Take profitability into account
Profitability also remains a decisive factor. When you invest in the stock market, you need to think ahead. I strongly advise against wagering a large amount. Ask yourself what is the maximum amount you would be willing to lose? It is true that choosing low risk investments means earning little, but you can be sure of an investment that will grow over the years. Respect your risk tolerance by taking care to calculate it beforehand.


Choose the broker that suits you
It is advisable to choose the right broker to become an annuitant thanks to the stock market. Since there are several brokers, do not randomly affect your choice. I advise you to choose your broker based on the following criteria:

The amount of the amount you are going to invest,
The geographic orientation of your investment.
What is certain is that a good broker will take care of supporting you in all your steps. To be sure of the reliability of your broker, do not hesitate to document yourself on the internet and do not forget to consult the customer opinions on his subject. Also choose it according to its brokerage fees. Do not hesitate to compare the different price lists. There is now the possibility of investing online with reliable and cheap sites by yourself like Degiro or Boursedirect.


Optimize your time management
To make the most of the scholarship, you need to be continually informed of the news. Indeed, international events participate in the fluctuation of the stock market. So don’t make any hasty decisions, but observe and analyze. I think conjecture is also a factor that should not be overlooked. In any case, on the stock market, you should never bet under the influence of emotion.

Invest for the long term
Studies have shown that long-term investments have real potential. Also, choose a product like the PEA which is a very advantageous product for investing in stocks. Indeed, the PEA allows you to manage a portfolio of real estate value without having to pay tax on capital gains. The other advantage is that you are not taxed on dividends for one or more PEAs either. Otherwise you can also opt for structured products.

Other alternatives that allow you to become an annuitant from scratch

In addition to real estate investing and investing in the stock market, there are other alternatives that allow you to become an annuitant from scratch. Trading is one of them. Granted, this is a risky option, but it is also a very promising investment. To do this, you have to bet on products like commodities or the currency market. There is also social trading which allows you to rely on documents or information generated by professional traders. To invest in trading, I advise you to start with a small amount, taking care to grow it, because the risk in this type of investment is not to be minimized.

Crowdfunding is also an interesting way to become an annuitant . In addition, the initial stake for this type of investment does not exceed € 100. You don’t have to be a professional to collect annuities through crowdfunding, as it is a type of crowdfunding. It allows to have a good return on investment after a few years via small businesses.

I was able to make you understand through this article that the money does not come to you, it is you who must find a durable and sure way to have it regularly. I will not say either that there is no longer a need to work, because it is quite a job to manage your real estate capital. Of course, these solutions to become annuitant that I have proposed involve risks, but they are sustainable over time.


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