How to become annuitant? Starting from nothing, the avenues to follow?

Some people are born with a silver spoon in their mouth and some are not. However, they manage to acquire the fortunes similar to the rich by birth. The success of these kinds of people depends on their willingness to challenge a situation and find a way to achieve their ends. In this article, I’m going to tell you about the popular ways to make money without having to get up at dawn. Be careful, I am not promising you miracle methods, but concrete solutions to succeed in becoming annuitant from scratch. First of all, I will provide you with more explanation on what an annuitant is. What are the advantages of this practice? Next, I’ll tell you about the two most common types of annuities.

What does the term “annuitant” mean?

Annuitant, of the name annuity means to perceive a usual inflow of money. In this article, I tell you about receiving income on a rental, short or long term investment or other. To be an annuitant, you must have invested beforehand. Often, annuitants are seen as people who have a lot of money and who have the advantage of not working. They have the freedom to manage their time as best as possible, although many of them continue to have a professional activity. In addition, I would advise you instead to make your investments and investments grow in order to increase your pensions.

Is it really possible to become an annuitant from scratch?

I reassure you that you are not going to become rich and rentier overnight. To gain the status of annuitant, you have to be patient, so it takes time, a lot of time. No one could be annuitant in a matter of days. It is an investment that pays off after five, ten or even twenty years of hard work.

I prefer to clarify things, these words refer to an investment which does not have starting funds. On the other hand, the person concerned has sufficient income to be able to meet his needs and live. In other words, this person has ideas and plans, but does not have sufficient income to achieve them.

Anyone can become an annuitant, but it takes good will and a good strategy. You can surely see many testimonials from successful people from scratch. I prefer to say then that these people did not have the financial means, but had the necessary psychological resources. So by exploiting your assets, it is quite possible to become an annuitant from scratch in areas such as real estate or the stock market.

Turn to real estate to become an annuitant from scratch

Obviously, a real estate annuitant is someone who invests in real estate. The latter uses the income generated by the investments to meet these needs and live without having to work. It is quite common for an annuitant to use his earnings to reinvest them in real estate. In a few years, he grows his property and manages to have several real estate investments.

You probably tell yourself that it is simply impossible to become a real estate annuitant from scratch, yet it is very achievable.

Even if the cost of real estate has climbed in recent years and if most French people use the bank loan system to access real estate, know that the system to become an annuitant is the same: call the bank to finance your purchase.

Thus, it is the bank that will take care of financing your project, but it will be you who will develop your investment. However, in order to make your project a success, remember to choose the type of investment to make. Therefore, choose an investment capable of generating income during the repayment period of the rental real estate project financed on credit.

The advantage of real estate is that it can finance itself on its own thanks to the rents it generates . When it’s a good plan, rental real estate can become a very profitable investment for the future annuitant.

Moreover I can tell you that it is not a question of constituting a whole plan made up of several hundred pages of file nor of large mathematical calculations. The investment plan must just constitute the essential elements such as the nature of the property to be acquired, its location, your cash flow situation and the various costs of the acquisition net of holding.

The bank, an essential ally to become a rentier

I want to point out that starting from nothing, we immediately allude to savings or capital equivalent to zero. As has been said, the solution for financing real estate is the bank. Indeed, it is your best ally for the acquisition of your property in order to become an annuitant. To do this, prepare your credit application file and when it is ready you just have to deposit it with a bank.

Currently, mortgage rates are relatively low at 1.54% at the time of writing of course.

Why not go for it now then? Always keep in mind that the strategy of your investment must always be focused on the rental of a property. In this case, you need to have a good optimization technique and an ability to choose quality real estate that will allow you to become a rentier in ten years. In addition, the leverage for your bank credit will allow you to get rich without touching your salary.

In addition, I believe that the State is watching over future real estate buyers by adopting certain laws such as:

  • The Pinel law which makes it possible to reduce income tax by up to 21% on condition that the owner decides to rent out his new property for 12 months.
  • The Élan law, which makes it possible to standardize rents according to a prior standard established by real estate observers.

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