25 Ideas for Serious Homework

Working from home is often a topic that leaves other people perplexed and skeptical. Indeed, they think that it is impossible to find a good payer by working from home. Still, there really is a wide selection of serious home jobs and these across different fields. So we have concocted 25 home jobs that might interest you.

Work from home that involves your web skills

The realm of the Web is really large and vast. There is a lot of work to be done on different themes of this “universe”.

1. Web designer
The profession of Freelance Web Graphic Designer is aimed at passionate designers. Creativity and beautiful design are the hallmarks of their work. A web graphic designer will take care of the creation of logos, printing models as well as the packaging of the products. You have to be really creative to find new ideas for each project.

To start in this field, you must have a good command of vector drawing software as well as image editing. If you don’t have the skills yet, you can still take training and learn on your own.

2. Webmaster
The webmaster is responsible among other things for the creation of websites for their client. This requires in-depth skills in this area in order to personalize every detail according to the client’s needs. Usually, it is the WordPress CMS that should be used for site creation.

To do this, you need to know the basics as well as the maintenance and good management tools of the site. You need about 5 to 10 self-study sessions to learn everything you need to become a Webmaster. However, you need to have a good grasp before starting a serious website building project. Every detail is important in order to stand out from the others that already exist.

3. Web designer
After the creation of the site, there will also be its design. Indeed, the site must be attractive to visitors in order to encourage them to continue browsing. The role of the Web designer is to design the aesthetics and ergonomics of the site. It is also responsible for the arrangement of the articles as well as the graphics of each page of the site.

4. Web integrator
The function of the web integrator is to convert a mockup into a web page for the site. To achieve this, you need to have knowledge of JavaScript, PHP, HTML and CSS. This professional ensures, among other things, the consistency of the pages and graphic models that will be integrated into the website. In addition, he must also test the ergonomics of the site on all points. He can be in close relationship with the web designer in his work. They both ensure the good presentation of the site.


5. Webmarketer
The web marketer acts in the field of e-marketing. He is responsible for promoting a client’s website. He must therefore master marketing techniques as well as computer tools that can optimize the value of each product.

He must put in place a marketing strategy that will aim to have more audiences in the virtual world, especially visitors. It will therefore focus its efforts on advertising, communication and SEO.


In general, this area of ​​application saves around 1,500 euros to 2,500 euros depending on the project and the client you have found. However, this salary may be below or above this range depending on the situation.

In the field of writing and linguistics

The world of writing has attracted a lot of people and investors for a few years now. Indeed, you have to have interesting articles to make a site attractive.

6. Web editor
Becoming a web copywriter is a really interesting job to do from home. It is actually about writing content for sites. The subject and type of writing will vary depending on the contract you received.

It is a home job accessible to everyone since you just need to know how to write, have impeccable French and a computer. Moreover, there is also software that can correct grammar and spelling. In addition, you can easily read the trade on the Internet to deepen your knowledge.

7. Audio transcriptionist
Audio transcription is one of the serious home jobs that is really, really easy. Indeed, you just need to have a good sense of listening and the necessary equipment.

It consists in writing texts at the end of an audio file. All you need is a computer, word processing software, and headphones for good listening. However, you have to be very thorough in this work. The contracts are one-off, but are fairly remunerative all the same.

8. Proofreader and proofreader
It is serious work from home that complements the work of a web copywriter in particular. Indeed, it is a question of rereading the texts and correcting them according to the instructions and referencing conditions.

This job does not require a lot of knowledge, but it is still important to know the principles of SEO. You have to be very attentive in the correction and have a perfect command of the writing language.

9. Translator
Translation is an easy job for those who master different languages. Indeed, training is practically useless to become a translator. The different texts to be translated can be varied: books, manuscripts, a work, product sheets, etc.

The remuneration depends on the language and its rarity. Indeed, it is particularly difficult to find people to translate from Italian in a French country, and vice versa. Thus, the payment will vary according to this criterion. A French employer will be more inclined to pay more to find a French-Italian translator.

10.Ebook writing
Ebook writing pays more than web writing, but it requires a little more attention and important details. It is thus necessary to master a lot of software for the insertion of articles and graphics. In addition, extensive research is needed to present case studies and interviews. So the work is not just limited to the writing itself. It will also be necessary to use specific software for the layout and uploading of the finalized documents.

Storytelling consists of telling a story for marketing purposes. Indeed, the storyteller will tell stories to encourage visitors to buy a product or to take an interest in a particular store. Storytelling allows, among other things, to highlight a brand or a product. These can be writing texts, videos or even audio stories.


The remuneration for each of these trades varies according to the contracts and the employers. You just have to avoid being underpaid and getting information on the Internet.

Work from home in the virtual world and networks

The management of networks and sites has become very important, hence the birth of some home jobs that may interest you.

12.Web Moderator
The web moderator is a serious one-off, but well-paying home job. It is indeed a question of moderating the comments in a Web site or several at the same time. It is indeed in order to make the visit of Internet users pleasant and not to come across vulgarities.

The work to be done is not really continuous, since it is necessary to wait for the comments of the visitors. But this is not really the case for really very active sites where you have to be present for 8 hours in a row.


13.Community Manager
Becoming a community manager does not require a lot of knowledge and expertise. You just need to master the management of different social networks as well as a few e-marketing strategies. The community manager will take care, among other things, of the animation of the network, its expansion as well as the management of customers. It is possible to choose a particular theme if you find contracts in the field. For example, you can integrate businesses in the culinary, artistic or musical fields.

Serious home work in the area of ​​sharing and affiliation

Sharing videos and different tips also saves money. These are indeed serious jobs that can be done at home.

14.Online trainer
It is a profession that interests many people, but which pays well at the same time. Indeed, many people are not willing to come back to school to learn something. In addition, it will be more expensive. By opting for online tutors, it is more convenient to have both freedom and cost savings.

There are different sites that support you in creating and selling your training courses. You will therefore receive a certain amount each time an Internet user buys your training. You can also offer live training for other Internet users, depending on the possibility of your schedule.

The profession of Blogger is quite accessible to everyone. Indeed, you need a website or a niche site and have a passion in a particular field. For example, you have the choice between music, video games, anime or even cooking. Once the theme is well defined, you can start to retain Internet users. You need to post content regularly enough for your site to be really active.

You must manage your SEO and your positioning on the Internet in order to attract more visitors. You can then make your blog profitable by integrating affiliate programs as well as advertisements from other sites.

The job of YouTuber is not really very safe, but it can be a serious subject if you put your own money into it. Indeed, you have to have a channel that attracts viewers. You can see that some channels really work a lot, like Player of the Attic or Angry Lama. However, there is already a lot of competition in this area. Unless you have a subject that is really original, it is often difficult to integrate quickly.

There are a number of areas in which you can become a coach:

  • The sport,
  • The fashion,
  • The kitchen,
  • Video games,
  • The decoration.

You can do similar work as the web trainer. But you can also sell written, original tips to make money. You just need to be proficient in the domain for this to work. However, you need to have a good sense of motivation to help people move forward.

Serious home work in the audiovisual field

Audiovisual is a very attractive field for photography enthusiasts, but also for communication.

Photography is an area of ​​interest to young people these days. You can indeed sell your good quality photos for money. You can also do it at home without constraints. The photos and the themes to be processed will be sent to you and you must respect them.

Besides, you can also help in editing the images for the cover pages online. You can also give them an image that you yourself took in exchange for some rights.

19.Video editing
Video editing is a job that inspires a lot of people. Indeed, it takes a perfect mastery of a lot of software to arrive at a final quality rendering. For that, you will need a good powerful computer and skills in the field.

It’s serious homework that can pay off a lot. Indeed, artists and companies always call on this kind of service. This is convenient for clips and commercials to be shown on TV.

20. Webcam host
Webcam animation is serious homework, but one that doesn’t really lack in decency. A webcam host will be responsible for chatting with strangers and maybe even showing off. It is possible to opt for pink telephony, which only uses voice, but there is also the webcam which pays more. It is a very interesting home job for those who want to have a little more money. However, we must not induce prostitution.


21.Incoming and outgoing call management
The home call center already exists today. Indeed, it is necessary to receive incoming and outgoing calls from abroad as well as to meet the needs of customers. The jobs to be done can be varied depending on your field of application. Indeed, there are call centers in the medical field, for example.

The required qualifications are in particular a good general culture, a good knowledge in the specific field as well as a perfect command of the language orally. Thus, people with an accent will not always be admitted.

Work at home through subcontracting

Some companies outsource tasks to reduce internal costs and allocate those to dividend or capital. This is how home work from subcontracting is born.

22.Related accountant
Some companies outsource accounting tasks to facilitate the proper management of certain tasks internally. To become a related accountant, you just need to have in-depth knowledge in this area and a degree.

In addition, accountants use this status to be able to work with different companies, but from home. Thus, they will be able to process several exercise reports at the same time and receive as much money as possible.

23.Web Project Manager
A web project manager will do the work of a project manager, but all from a distance. Indeed, he will analyze the feasibility of a project and everything that goes with it. It also takes a proven training in the field to be accepted as a web project manager with a company.

Work from home as a consultant

The good positioning of sites is important to bring more audience and thus generate more income. Consultants in this area are very important.

24. SEA consultant
A consultant will manage a company’s sponsored campaigns. So you must have a thorough knowledge of Google Adwords and the like. You will be in charge of optimizing them to attract as many audiences as possible.

25.seo consultant
The SEO consultant is responsible, among other things, for the positioning of the site in search engines. This is useful for better selling products and attracting new customers at the same time. SEO does not require a lot of special skills, but you still need to be properly informed to better deal with the subject.

The consultant will be able to give the necessary advice to improve the positioning, as well as the quality of the content.


The job that is done at home is still not a scam. Indeed, we can see that there are some sites that offer non-existent work, but there are still some very serious work. And that’s what we quoted to you above. However, each of them requires special skills to carry out the different missions. Although the tasks are done at home, it takes good self-control to complete the work on time.

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