Working on the Internet: How to do it? Which job?

Working on the Internet has become a common activity these days. Indeed, the virtual population is growing more and more with the advance of current technology. Thus, the web very quickly becomes a niche for an online profession, requiring diplomas or not. If you are interested in working online, I invite you to read this article in which I will introduce you to some interesting jobs.

How to work online and what do you need to have?

To find a job on the Internet, you must first do your research. There are indeed many platforms that offer professions such as copywriters, transcriptionists or others. You can also find ads on social networks.

Besides, you can also offer your services to find people who want your abilities. On Fiverr, for example , you can sign up and make your skills available to other members. They can then contact you to suggest missions or projects to carry out.

In addition, to find a direct client and a long-term collaboration, it is necessary to establish your online portfolio . Recruiters will come to you quickly if they see your skills ahead. Working online also requires having good materials. They can vary depending on the online job in question, but I give you what you need to have in general:

  • A good Internet connection to ensure the continuity of your missions,
  • A more or less efficient computer depending on your activity,
  • A micro-headset for communication,
  • Materials optimizing your comfort, namely a chair and a desk,
  • Certain software and various applications associated with the implementation of your online tasks.


Working on the Internet with a diploma: what are the real jobs?

You can indeed become a professional and work on the Internet using your degree. Indeed, there are many training courses that can be useful to you on the web. Here are the jobs that can suit you.

Graphic designer
Today, businesses and individuals rely on professional graphic designers to design physical or online graphic designs. Indeed, the graphic designer can create logos, branding images, advertising posters and all other visual aspects possible. He can also work with a website builder to polish the graphic details of the site to grab the attention of internet users. Having a good graphic designer allows you to have a successful marketing campaign.

You must actually have a degree in the field if you want to work directly with a professional company. University training courses in graphic design are currently available. But there are also special training courses with certificates. However, it is possible to learn the profession of graphic designer by consulting a few sites and articles on the web. But you can’t easily land a big deal with this. It will just allow you to work punctually with individual clients.

Writer and SEO
Content writing and SEO have become very popular professions these days. The content of the sites is of great importance to attract the attention of Internet users. For sites to make money, you have to rely a lot on visibility. Thus, the web content and the positioning of the sites are two points to be taken into account and it is the copywriters and SEOs who take care of this side. The qualifications required to become a web writer and SEO can be varied: communication, journalism or marketing. Training is also available to perfect the techniques. The skill required in general is the mastery of a language, as well as the various grammatical and syntactic rules.

It is a profession intended for people who master two or more languages ​​at the same time. Many companies are indeed looking for translators to make their site multilingual. The work consists in particular of translating articles from one language to another while respecting the rules of grammar and spelling. Thus, this profession requires a linguistic diploma and a good command of writing to work as a professional. You can, however, turn it into a one-time income by working from time to time with individuals who wish to translate some of their personal documents.

The job of a transcriptionist consists in writing an audio file in writing. The files are varied: conference, report, documentary and other. The skill required to become a transcriptionist is fluency in the language. To ensure good profitability, you must also have a certain typing speed. This will allow you to process more files in a given time. You also need to have good listening skills. The goal of an audio transcriptionist is to transcribe an entire audio file, while respecting the spelling and grammar of the text. You must first pass a test to access this profession.


Community Manager
Members of social networks have become a population in their own right nowadays. Companies thus hire Community Managers whose objective is to manage this community.

This job requires first of all a good mastery of social networks, including in particular Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even LinkedIn. The missions of a Community Manager are to manage the community, to build loyalty and attract target customers for the company. He should therefore post publications from time to time, respond to messages from customers and interact with them as needed. To become a Community Manager in a professional company, you must have a degree in Marketing and Communication. The techniques to be adopted must be concise with the strategy of the company.

Virtual assistant
Whether for businesses or individuals, a virtual assistant is useful in some cases. For individuals, a virtual assistant can take care of the arrangement of an overloaded agenda. This is particularly the case for businessmen. It will be up to the assistant to take the calls and reorganize his client’s schedule to be favorable to all his activities.

Companies are also recruiting virtual assistants to meet the needs of the company’s external players: customers, suppliers and shareholders. The advantage of being a virtual assistant is in particular full time availability and not only during working hours in the office. To become a virtual assistant, you must have a degree in communication and also a good command of computer tools. To this you must add a good sense of organization and listening skills in order to meet the needs of the clients.


Web developer
Universities that offer computer training are very numerous. Among the courses offered, there is web development. A web developer can take on a lot of tasks including designing a website, developing a game, application or software, etc.

Thus, a developer can work in different kinds of fields whether it is with a company or an individual. It is also a profession that offers very good remuneration. The web developer works most of the time with a graphic designer in order to give an original aspect to the final rendering of the work. It is up to him to take charge of the design and the graphic designer polishes the final design. The most common in the profession of web developer is the creation of websites. Its services are easily aimed at individuals, but also at companies wishing to improve their visibility.

Online teleoperator
Working in call centers is very common today. There are more and more companies working in this field. The job of a call center operator consists of answering incoming calls or making outgoing calls. Thus, the fields of activity can be varied. There are teleoperators for telephone services that respond to problems related to the customer’s plans or telephones. There are also telephone counselors who act in the medical field and who are called to advise care or emergencies for a patient.

The degree required may therefore vary depending on the field of activity of the establishment: medicine, communication, telephony or other. The required skill is good oral expression, without an accent. A command of the language is also desired to excel in this field.

Proofreader and proofreader
The job of proofreader and proofreader often supports content writers. Indeed, a proofreader / proofreader is often hired to correct the texts of the editors in order to adapt them to a specific style for the site. But most of the time, a proofreader / proofreader puts his services forward for students who want to correct their theses or dissertations. In addition, he also works with those who write articles in a legal, medical or scientific field. A professional proofreader / proofreader must have a linguistic qualification and a perfect command of the grammatical rules in writing.


Copywriter and Storyteller
These are professions that are not often highlighted, but which are nevertheless very interesting from a marketing standpoint. A copywriter creates sales pitches for posting on blogs and sites to entice people to buy a specific product or service. Its mission is also to increase customer interactions with the site in question: share, comment, order, subscribe and more.

A storyteller is a job that consists of selling products through a short story, aimed at making product placement. For these two professions, a diploma in marketing and communication is required to be able to work with professional companies. However, if you have a good pen and a good sense of the imagination, you can also work with individuals by completing a few tests.

Working on the Internet without a diploma

Working on the Internet does not necessarily require a diploma. If you have the skills and knowledge required even without a degree, you can still have a good salary.


Voice over actor
There are many individuals who are looking for voice over artists to accompany their video to post online. All you need is good speech and a pleasant voice. The types of videos can be commercials or short films. Remuneration is based on the duration of the video.



As there is a very large part of the population on the web, becoming a blogger is a job that can pay off a lot if you find an original subject that arouses the interest of Internet users. To become a blogger, you must first find a topic to address on your site. Then you need to have a blog with good content to attract visitors. Then you can make your site profitable by selling products or by advertising and affiliating.

Did you know that the great Youtubers like Norman, Cyprien or Player of the attic, earn a lot of money via their YouTube channel? It is indeed a very practical way to earn money. However, you will have to attract the most visitors to wait for the monetization of your channel and the affiliation with YouTube.

The dropshipping system is simple, you are the intermediary between the customer and the supplier, and you will earn a commission for each sale. The advantage of this technique is that you don’t have to worry about storage or delivery. You just need to create your online business using for example Wizishop or Dropizi. Then, it is up to you to find a collaborator for the products to be sold. Do not hesitate to train yourself to avoid doing anything like for example on online training like Ecommerce Academy.


If you already have a website that has high visibility, you can opt for affiliate to make it profitable. Affiliation involves putting advertising links on your site, and you receive a commission each time someone clicks on the link. There are many sites that offer affiliation, namely Google Adsense or even YouTube. Marketplaces also offer this program to their loyal customers.


The trades on the Internet are really numerous. Some require specific qualifications and diplomas, while others just require expertise or significant charisma. Everything will therefore depend on your skills. Besides, working on the Internet also has many advantages. So what is the job that seems most appropriate to your level?

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