10 possible passive incomes from scratch

► A traditional passive income: real estate

Stone is still considered today as a safe and profitable investment in all terms. However, this idea is often correlated with having a starting capital. There are ways to “do without”, when you start from scratch.

👉Loan without contribution

In general, it is considered that banks do not lend without a substantial contribution. Often, they ask that the borrower (s) pay the equivalent of the notary fees.
But this is not inevitable: in some cases, there are establishments that practice what is called a 110% loan.

This represents a risk for them: an early resale could not repay the loan. With a solid record (regular income, savings capacity), and by showing the desire to be a good customer by subscribing, for example, to insurance products. Finally, be clear about your investment project , this kind of dynamic can appeal. And above all, do not hesitate to consult several establishments to win your case!


👉Idea # 1: get started in rental real estate
Undoubtedly, buying homes, especially apartments, in order to rent them out and earn income from them is considered a profitable business .

Is it passive income? To a certain extent, yes. Once again, everything is a question of the means to invest. Without an initial contribution, it is sometimes difficult to delegate the various rental management tasks, because this represents costs. Likewise, it is necessary to take care of the work that must inevitably be carried out.

Finally, before a certain point, the actual asset management and your accounting cannot be delegated profitably. Passive income yes, because the rents fall on their own, but beware of accidents! On the other hand, after a while, when you start to really live from your rental income, rental management tools (by agencies), asset management and maintenance contracts allow you to relieve you of these responsibilities for a fee. often monthly investment. Enough to free you up time to live well

👉Idea n ° 2: short-term rental
A good way to convince a potential banking partner if you do not have a contribution, perhaps to focus their future investment on short-term rentals.
Under certain conditions, this can indeed be very profitable , in the short term, even if at first glance it seems less certain.

To reassure your banker about your project, prospect in a sector in real estate tension, where the needs are strong. So, rather in town near transport facilities, in order to attract business customers who will rent by the night or by the week, or in a well-known tourist sector, in order to attract tourists.

Combining the two is a bit of a winning formula. Target for example a hyper-center of a big city or a coastal city, dynamic both economically and from a tourist point of view, by privileging small surfaces (studio with 3 rooms), simpler to maintain and for rent, more profitable to earn a real income

▶ ︎ Passive income on the stock market

The stock market can be a means of generating passive income, it is well known. However, is this feasible without input?

👉 Idea n ° 3: look for a supplement thanks to a PEA
Opening a PEA is a simple procedure that requires very little investment . From the outset, we will object that we are not starting “from nothing”: it is true; but this can be achieved with modest income, the whole being to budget for your monthly contributions.

You must of course manage your investments, favoring stocks of safe companies, historically known and potentially reliable over the long term, likely to pay dividends. This is profitable income in the long term, because after a few years it can become a majority passive income in your budget, capable of even ensuring you a comfortable retirement, while providing you with some security.

👉Idea n ° 4: go through an accumulation phase
To start playing on the stock market more effectively, you have to build up capital, and therefore consider that you are active before the first returns of investment.
Take this fruitful period very seriously: it is about keeping a predefined portion of your active income in order to build up usable capital directly on the stock market.

Not for a PEA, which ensures the long term, but to invest in potentially very profitable moves. What is free at this time is the fact of documenting yourself seriously. You can also train rigorously to trade, before committing your investment, on trading platforms using fictitious currency for example.

It may seem fun, but ultimately it can be very serious, and allow you to generate significant passive income thanks to controlled risks.


👉Idea # 5: emerging passive income, depending on your talent
Apart from traditional means, thanks to the internet, there are solutions to generate regular income passively . This often requires learning a few techniques and initially devoting time to them, but in the long run it can be very interesting while showcasing your talents.


👉Idea # 6: Edit Pdfs for Amazon / Kindle
Amazon is a whole ecosystem. It must be said that the prices for the reader are particularly interesting, the bulk of the offer being at 0.99 €. It is not about writing a book in order to sell it.

Create PDF files with Amazon KDP, train yourself to form catchy and search engine flattering headlines, promote on networks and take advantage of Amazon’s affiliate policy, and voila. By creating a mass effect, it can pay off big.


👉Idea n ° 7: “print on demand”
A very interesting and potentially fun practice, which can showcase your talents, especially artistic ones, without investing any money . There are a few dedicated platforms, such as teespring or Spreadshirt.

The principle is simple: you offer a logo or a drawing, or even a slightly stylized catchy saying or sentence, and the platform is responsible for selling your work of art printed on any type of medium.

This concerns all types of media, enough to be endlessly creative: mugs, t-shirts, key rings, sweatshirts, placemats, sometimes furniture, car stickers, stuffed animals… Everything is possible. Here again, it can be a fun supplement to income , but some creatives make it their own profession and earn a very good living. Maybe not totally passive income because it’s good to maintain your stock, but come to think of it, there is work involved in investing in real estate as well. So, you might as well choose according to your passions and talents, right?

👉Idea # 8: the dropshipping boom
What is dropshipping? Is this a viable practice when you want to ensure a substantial passive income? Is it really passive income ?

The principle is simple: you act as an intermediary between consumer customers and a wholesaler with stock. You offer for sale, sell, but you are not the one managing the stock. The wholesaler also finds an advantage. These sales bring you income in terms of commissions of course, but also thanks to the traffic generated on the site that you will have created to offer the products for sale. Creating an online store is what pays off the most in the long run.

However, to start simply or to be able to manage this activity as additional income, there are dropshipping platforms. E-commerce is on the rise and offers many opportunities! With experience, you will be able to make a very good income with very little time spent. To open a shop and start dropshipping you can register on Dropizi or Wizishop

👉Idea n ° 9: blogging, or become an infopreneur
This is a way to generate passive income that can become very interesting, as long as you can invest time from the start (but not necessarily money if you are using a free CMS). The point is to make a living from your passion: write, talk about your passion, communicate. You can choose to set up a big blog or site, which well maintained can pay off really big as long as you are interested in good content, backlinks and also affiliations. However, it may be safer to create multiple blogs:

indeed, no site is immune to a referencing problem or a drop in traffic. If this only concerns one in 5 or 6 sites, it will not have too much of an impact on your income.


👉 Idea n ° 10: create one or more Youtube channels

Here’s an idea that can be totally complementary with blogging: create a youtube channel. Generally, they are thematic, and it is not very difficult. Make sure you have the correct video and audio equipment, even if you can start with a telephone; choose a theme.

How can this create passive income ? By developing your youtube channel you integrate the google Adsense program and generate advertising revenue on which you will have your share.

In addition, if your channel is attracting people, you can try to get sponsorship and search for affiliations. In the end, a well-functioning YouTube channel can generate enough income to live on, at the very least provide additional income.
If you are blogging, that’s blessed bread: for a thematic page, a youtube video. It will flatter your SEO both ways and increase your income for unique content!

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