How to make money with Telegram?

Earning money without leaving home, everyone dreams of a life like this right now. The Internet also opens up new perspectives on this subject. And besides money sites or online job sites, there are applications that can help. Telegram, one of the most well-known messaging programs right now is one of them.

Make money with Telegram: which option to choose?

Telegram may not be as famous as WhatsApp when it comes to ways to make money online. However, by creating a sales network or an advertising channel, you will be able to make ends meet. Otherwise, chat with a bot or post links.

Set up your own broadcast channel

To earn money with Telegram, create your own ad serving channel . Essentially, this is marketing content that businesses ask you to deliver. You will therefore be advertising for start-ups or renowned brands. It could be a consumable, a tool, a range of luxury items, services or the like. You will therefore be paid for each advertisement, publication or rebroadcast of content.

You should thus amass a large number of subscribers. In fact, your new Telegram channel will be a medium for delivering content. Whether it’s a simple message, image, or video, your followers will see it on their News Feed.

How to create it?

  • Download the Telegram app on your smartphone or tablet (Android and iOS). A version for PC exists, you can also use it;
  • Go to “Options”;
  • Click on “New channel”;
  • Record the basic information for your channel. Here you will add the channel name, description and profile picture.
  • You should prepare the profile photo and description before the creation step. Don’t forget to put the status on “public”. So everyone will be able to see, react and share your content. You will gain more subscribers with each post. In the settings, you can enable or disable the publication of the channel.

If you want to make it your main activity , you will have to put the package together, convince and attract people. Many people earn their living this way, precisely because they have developed a large network. Whenever they post something, the audience is always important. Which pays off.

Sign an affiliation contract and use shortened links
As with all online platforms, like Amazon or eBay, you can also enter into an affiliate agreement on Telegram. It is even the best method for making money.

You will thus put these links in your content. And this for each validated purchase. Plus, the amount may vary depending on the company and the type of product sold. You can therefore earn several hundred euros in a month, and several thousand the following months. It depends on your attendance and the purchases made.

Affiliate marketing on Telegram still lets you go through shortcuts. You will then have shortened links and not affiliate links. But the operation and use remain the same. When a customer clicks on these links, you receive between $ 0.1 or $ 5. Here then, it is not the validated purchases that count, but the clicks. Which can also pay off big.

Contract several partnership agreements
It is possible to enter into partnership agreements on Telegram. If you are known on Telegram, you can influence sales by running a few ads. It is even a real influencer job. You get paid to increase the reputation and notoriety of your partners. You will do everything to get your subscribers to buy.

Your employees are therefore your clients. According to your contract, you will be paid:

  • For each publication,
  • For the number of reactions,
  • For the number of mailboxes sent,
  • For each sale made thanks to your ad,
  • For each advertisement,


Request subscription fees
Initially, Telegram should only be used for chats. But like all social networks, it allows you to share content. It’s completely free, so you don’t need a big investment. You won’t even pay anything except your internet subscription. Still, you can ask for a subscription fee . It’s legal and the app allows it.

In fact, you can even charge a fee for opening your content. Subscribers must pay before they can access anything you broadcast. You can also limit access to only part of your publications. Just configure your channel and add private access.

The best part is that paying subscribers earn you multiple times. First, because they have to pay before reading the content. Since they are necessarily interested (otherwise they would not have paid), they will surely buy the products. If there are no products to sell, you can still expect earnings from the shortened links.

So it is a real commercial activity that you carry out by creating a channel on Telegram. If that doesn’t work, consider making it a showcase. Again, you can work with partners. You will be responsible for putting their products or services in plain view, or at least your subscribers. Your account will thus be a means of promotion for a given company . It will be the channel through which your collaborator’s network marketing will be done.


Create bots on Telegram
The bots or robots Telegram help to earn some money. You can organize paid activities by creating bots. Paid subscriptions, sales, advertisements… anything can work.  This is even how remote commands are currently carried out, through robots.

Many companies integrate robots into their online accounts, on social networks. This generates considerable gains because they save money, time and avoid long organizations. They also facilitate the administration of your channel, your interaction and communication in general.



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