How to finance vocational training to change jobs?

This is a question that many people ask themselves when it comes to changing jobs. Once you have finalized your career change plan, you must be wondering how to fund it. For example, you can contact specialized organizations that will provide you with information on funding for a professional retraining project. However, there are also other solutions namely:

  • Individual training leave or CIF: This is a leave offering you the possibility of taking time off from your work to follow qualifying training. This leave requires the authorization of your employer who will pay you anyway during your continuing education.
  • The personal training account or CPF: During your professional life, you supply your CPF with hours of training. This lists the hours of training you have acquired during your working life. You can benefit from it whenever you want by making a request.
  • Individual training assistance or AIF : If you are in Pôle Emploi follow-up, assisted by CRP, CTP or CSP, you can benefit from individual assistance in Pôle emploi training. This makes it possible to obtain a financial supplement to follow continuous training.

Which organizations help you to change jobs?

There are many organizations in France that can help you if you want to change jobs. I will tell you about the main institutions allowing you to prepare for your professional conversion.

This is the Association for the Professional Training of Adults. This training organization is intended for job seekers and employees. AFPA offers you a training package allowing you to obtain a professional title.


Employment center
It is also possible for job seekers to contact the Pôle Emploi branch closest to them if they intend to change jobs. Training will therefore be offered to prepare for a conversion to more promising careers.


If you are an executive looking for support for a career change, you can call on APEC. This is the association for the employment of executives. He advises you throughout your career, especially when they want to retrain.


The GRETA network
National Education offers continuing education for adults to the public network. This is the GRETA network. Diplomatic, qualifying or modular training, but also work-study training will be offered to you. It is therefore possible for you to follow GRETA training courses in a dedicated establishment, in your company or online.


My training
If you are considering a change of profession, I also recommend the MaFormation site, powered by RegionsJob. You have the choice between more than 200,000 training courses and to obtain valuable advice to properly manage your professional retraining.


This is the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts. If you want to improve your skills or offer a new turn in your career by changing jobs, you can turn to this organization. You can learn different trades thanks to the CNAM program. From electronics to transport, including accounting, energy and communication.

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