How to earn money on Moolineo?

There are several ways to make money on Moolineo. Your choice will depend on your time and the activities that interest you.

► Product tests

Product testing does not earn you money directly, but simply allows you to keep the products that you have to test. The products range from the most banal to the most expensive such as smartphones for example.

However, to have the chance to test a product, you must use your tickets which are to be won by doing missions on the site. So you can try your luck every day using these tickets. For more expensive products, Golden Tickets are required. You can earn them by doing the missions, but it’s very rare, or you can buy them as well.


► Sponsorship
Sponsorship is a system that is widely adopted by members registered on Moolineo. You receive money every time you find a referral. There is also an affiliate link that you can send to your friends on Facebook to recruit more than one at a time.

The advantage of this method is that you can enter the contest for the best sponsor every month. This will bring you a check for 150 euros more. The winner is the one who manages to recruit the most referrals. Referral is the fastest and easiest way to earn money on Moolineo.


► Paid emails
Paid emails are very easy ways to make money on Moolineo. In fact, all you need to do is subscribe to a particular mission and wait to receive an email on your address. Then, you will only have to open it to pocket your pennies.

For this activity, it is better to open a new email account, instead of using your personal address. Spam can be frequent, which is likely to annoy you a lot. You will receive around thirty emails per week by opting for this mission.


► Paid surveys
Paid surveys are common on sites like this. The concept is also very easy to do. All you need to do is answer a questionnaire and the topic often varies. To complete the questionnaire, you will need to provide personal information and give the most honest answers possible. The remuneration for this mission is quite substantial, but it will still be necessary to wait 4 weeks for the validation. It is therefore better to compensate with other activities.


► Cashback
Moolineo works in collaboration with several online stores. He acts as an intermediary and receives a commission each time you make a purchase through the platform. Then, to reward you, Moolineo pays you part of its commission.

Cashback is a way to save some money on your purchases, although it’s not really a money-saver, but rather a partial refund. It is convenient for those who are used to buying products online. The largest stores on the web are also in collaboration with the platform.


The Offerwalls
Offerwalls are paid programs that are offered by sites in collaboration with Moolineo. The missions can vary in all kinds: surveys, installation of application, viewing of advertisements and other. This makes it possible in particular to improve the visibility of a site and the remuneration received by Moolineo will be deducted from a percentage for your commission.


► Loto Video
It is possible to try your luck by opting for the lotto video. It is an activity that can save you a considerable amount of money, but it is however quite rare.

To participate, all you need to do is check a number grid and wait for the redirection to confirm your registration. Then, you participate in a raffle that takes place every hour.


► Posts on Facebook
Do you spend a lot of time on Facebook? Know that it is possible to make profitable this time by carrying out the missions of Moolineo. Indeed, you can earn money by sharing a post on your Facebook wall.

The conditions to be fulfilled are in particular the public confidentiality of your account and the predefined structure of the publications to be made.


How much can you earn on Moolineo?

The gains on Moolineo are very variable. Indeed, in terms of money, your gain varies from 1 cent to 15,000 euros depending on your luck and the activities you are going to do. But most of the time, the most frequent cash gains go up to 5 euros.

Besides, you can also make material gains on the platform. The products to be won are sometimes trivial, like a toothbrush; but with a bit of luck you could also win an iPhone 11 there, who knows?

Moolineo tips: the tips you need to know
How to optimize your earnings on Moolineo? It is indeed possible to earn money faster on the site by opting for a few tips.

► Sponsorship is the best way to earn money on Moolineo
Know that sponsorship is the most profitable among the activities on Moolineo. Indeed, you earn money depending on the number of referrals you recruited, but you can also try to win the competition for the best referrer. In addition, the check is received after the winner is announced and you can easily pocket it. It is also easy to recruit referrals, just share affiliate links on Facebook or on your blog. Banner ads are also available to facilitate your recruitment.

► Create a new email address
Moolineo sometimes generates spam messages on your account. Thus, if you have opted for your personal email address, you may have a lot of inconvenience. It is therefore preferable to create a new account which is dedicated to Moolineo.

► Opt for quick and easy missions
Don’t be too greedy and go for the low paying missions that are easy and quick to do. This is a way to optimize your earnings and not invest a lot of time. Missions that offer considerable compensation take a long time to validate, which would not be profitable for you in the long run. Paid emails and clicks are particularly easy to do. You just need to read and open links and emails. Also, don’t hesitate to try your luck for free every day. There are missions that allow you to earn money or products. It’s always better than nothing.

► Log in regularly
New offers are available every day on Moolineo. You can therefore log in every day so as not to miss them. In addition, there are special offers that only show up very rarely. These are offers that allow you to earn a lot very easily. You can also earn Golden Tickets which will allow you to win great value products.

Registration and payment method
Registration on Moolineo is 100% free. To do this, all you need to do is complete the form and wait for your account to be validated. It doesn’t take a long time. However, some assignments, especially the higher paying ones, can take a long time to arrive on a new account.

For the payment method, you must have a PayPal account. The minimum threshold to pocket your money is 15 euros. Once you’ve reached it, you can make your first withdrawal. The payment is made every 10th or 15th of the month, working day.

Advantages and disadvantages of Moolineo

Moolineo is a multigain site which indeed presents interesting advantages. First of all, the missions to be carried out do not require specific skills. You just have to invest a little time and that’s it. The platform therefore allows everyone to find something for themselves. In addition, the missions are also very easy to perform and can be done remotely. You won’t need to travel. Just get the job done from your home. Then, the missions are really numerous and very varied. You are therefore spoiled for choice to choose the activities that seem most attractive to you, whether in terms of ease or remuneration. Finally, Moolineo often has special offers that allow you to maximize your earnings from time to time.

However, there is a downside that we have noticed for this site. It is in particular the low level of remuneration. It will therefore be necessary to invest a lot of time to earn a considerable sum on the site, except for the lucky ones. It is therefore not a means of main income, but rather a means of making ends meet.

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