Changing jobs: how to proceed?

Changing jobs: how to proceed?

More and more people are thinking of changing jobs and taking the plunge. For good reason, they seek to have a better quality of life or to give a new turn to their career. Indeed, today, I see that fewer and fewer employees occupy the same position throughout their careers. Therefore, whether for professional reasons or simply by choice, they are considering retraining. There are many reasons that can push a person to change jobs. However, this kind of decision must be carefully considered. Changing careers is not easy and requires a lot of motivation and organization. If you plan to retrain, I wrote this article to give you all the useful advice and steps to follow in terms of changing jobs.

What are the reasons for changing jobs?

Many reasons can push an employee to change jobs and each of them is completely legitimate. Whether it is to improve his quality of life, change his professional status or simply offer another turning point in his career. According to my observations, here are 5 reasons that can encourage an employee to change his career.

1. Daily stress
If you are feeling constant stress from routine and you don’t know how to handle it, it might be time to question yourself. Being in a situation of hyperstress can cause a feeling of deep boredom. By living the same daily routine, you will no longer find the pleasure of working. So try to make things better, because sooner or later you’ll want to drop everything. It may be due to a lack of meaning at work, stressful goals, or just because you tire of the assignment you are given. In these cases, a change of profession may be the ideal solution.

2. The desire to earn a better living
It’s been a while since you had projects, but your salary does not allow you to carry them out? Have you asked to be raise, but to no avail? In this case, it is better for you to find something else that matches your skills. There are certainly other positions that you are more passionate about and that pay well.


3. The desire to work independently
I see that more and more people prefer to work for their own account. If you are one of them, then working for a company does not turn you too much. Working independently allows you to choose your own assignments, set your own rates and above all work from home. Above all, do not hesitate to look for a job that matches your needs. Indeed, there are various trades that can be exercised independently.


4. The desire to explore other horizons
People who want to change jobs are not always fed up with what they are doing. For the most part, they just want the change in order to gain new experiences. Do not hesitate to take the plunge if you want to learn something else and explore another profession. This is already a better way to expand your areas of expertise. Several employers may be interested in your profile. The key is knowing how to explain what attracts you to your new job and prove that you can learn quickly.


5. Professional retraining is appreciated
Many wonder if a change of profession would have positive results. If you are confident in your decision without risking losing your job and not getting it back, this change may be worth it. Moreover, the number of professional conversions is increasing exponentially in France according to certain statistics:

  • The job market is constantly evolving,
  • The majority of French people think that changing jobs is a good thing,
  • More than 75% of employees question themselves professionally.

How to change profession: the procedures?

For a career change, there are a number of steps to follow. What matters when you want to change jobs is to be sure of your decision and your choice. For this, you must have a precise idea of ​​the profession towards which you want to orient yourself. I will tell you about the different steps to follow to change jobs and especially to succeed in your professional conversion.


Carry out a skills assessment
To retrain, you must first of all carry out a skills assessment. This process will allow you to fine-tune your career goals, your strengths, your skills and your aspirations. It is not easy, I admit, but you can do it while remaining an employee and without your employer knowing anything about it.


Take online training
Changing careers scares everyone. However, there are solutions to be successful in this path. Indeed, there are online training courses to help you orient yourself, but you can quickly feel helpless in the face of all the existing training courses.

Online training courses for adults are numerous depending on your situation and the professional path to which you aspire. I still inform you that each trade has its training. Of course, there are state organizations where you can do, regardless of your age, a BTS, a CAP or even shorter or tailor-made training. You can also opt for university courses for adults, but in my opinion, converting professionally with online training is just as interesting.

Indeed, traveling to follow a training course is not within everyone’s reach. For those with disabilities or located in a geographical area that is too remote, it is quite possible to train remotely. The advantage of online training is that you can continue to work in parallel. The trades that can be learned online are very varied. You just need to know your areas of expertise.

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