Become freelance, Telework and many more online at home

Sell ​​your services as a freelance

Freelancing has become a real job in its own right and there are many freelance platforms like Malt and Missioneo. These are specialized in web development projects. You could create projects and then apply directly to companies and individuals for freelance assignments.

If you have several years of experience in marketing, management, human resources or experience in real estate, you could be a consultant. You could also suggest that companies benefit from your expertise and your address book during a project. If you have a literary background, you have two options: either you choose writing or proofreading. You can also be at the same time writer and proofreader of end of studies thesis, internship reports, but also simple theses.

On the other hand, if you have a solid writing skills, you can become a self-entrepreneur specializing in web writing. You can therefore offer your services to merchant sites that need product sheets or buying guides. In the same field, mastering a foreign language could take you to work as a translator or web editor for foreigners.

If you want to train to become a freelance I recommend Ecommerce Academy which offers this kind of training.

Telework, a new vein

Teleworking is also a new market for those who want to work from home. What does this profession really consist of for which a good number of French people create franchise companies abroad? Teleworking corresponds to any work carried out by an independent employee or not from his home. There are many examples, namely being a tele-advisor or an independent teleprospector.

The job of a call center consists of marketing products or services to the general public. You don’t have to invest and you would be connected with over 1000 companies.

This kind of site is available to anyone who has an Internet connection. In addition, teleworking is made for everyone, even for those who live abroad on condition of mastering the language. The only constraint is that of the schedule, because you should practice at very specific times during which your customers are able to answer you. A tip for those who are abroad, take into account the time difference.

The dropshipping to trade online at home
A real source of income, dropshipping is a job that you could do from home without having to invest a lot of money. In addition, it does not require any knowledge such as drafting for example. To do dropshipping, all you have to do is create an online sales site on dedicated platforms and follow the rules. Thus, you can trade online without having a physical store or stock, as you would only be an intermediary between the customer and the supplier.

Your task is then to canvass suppliers from all over the world and offer them your collaboration. They will send you their catalog in exchange with their price and it will be up to you to republish each item with your new price on your dropshipping store. You pocket the difference in price without having to take care of the delivery or possible returns of the products.

Become famous Youtubers
Who doesn’t know the young and famous Youtubers Norman and Cyprien. The concept is simple, create a YouTube channel using your email account and follow the instructions. To do this, you don’t have to be an IT whiz, as there are tutorials to help you out. To make the most of your money, these tutorials teach you how to monetize your YouTube videos. However, be aware that the more your video is watched, the more you will maximize your profit. So be a good salesperson and cover anything and everything in your videos! Some people make money laughing at other people’s videos, so why not you?


This article has allowed us to discuss several methods to adopt if you want to work at home. Several examples are offered for this type of activity such as the packaging of major brand products that must be handmade or the sale of training and private lessons. In any case, to work from home, you need to define an objective and create a working environment that is beneficial to you in order to be more efficient and not to mix professional and private life.

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